Survival Guide For Your Forties Male Edition

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Show him he has nothing to fear from his forties

One minute he's crowd-surfing, enjoying his immunity to hangovers, and buying every hair styling product under the sun... the next he's turning 40. This book's a funny, illuminating (and often very useful) guide for men entering their fifth decade.

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Rated 5 out of 5

"My friend who just turned forty was laughing like a drain!" Brett

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"Such an original gift for a daunting birthday."
Written by Jordan
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The power of personalization

With a completely customizable avatar and advice that covers pretty much everything a 40+ year old might stress about, you can personalize their guide so it speaks directly to them – thinning hairline, midlife anxieties, and all.

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Meet Dan Zevin

He's the biro behind this book. Not to mention an award-winning columnist for The New York Times, a Thurber Prize-wielding humourist and all-round funny guy. He even teaches others how to do the comedy thing at Sarah Lawrence. Also, Adam Sandler thinks he’s funny, so…


Rated 5 out of 5

Survival Guide For Your Forties Male Edition FAQs

Survival Guide For Your Forties is a funny survival guide for men aged 40+ (and those who can glimpse 40 on the horizon). It’s a witty personalized giggle of a book, packed with tips and quips that are designed to take the sting out of entering your fifth decade (yes, sorry, we do mean fifth decade). We would never, ever trot out the old “life begins at 40” cliché. But this book reinforces the universal truth that this really is an excellent age to reach.

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