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What Kind of YOU Will You Be?

$52.99 NZD

A personalised name book

Celebrate all the things a child could be in this personalised name book, featuring the child's name - not once, not twice, but 78 times! Plus oodles of colourful illustrations and rhyming fun.
Recommended for ages 0 to 4
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Rated 5 out of 5
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“I really like the concept. It’s a good way to introduce that differences are within everyone!” - Chantell

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"I think it's great for kids to be introduced to diversity and inclusion really early and this will help...!"
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What Kind Of You lifestyle girl child artist blue cover Charlotte

Celebrates all the things a child could be

Each page shows a child how dazzlingly diverse their name can be. What do they like? Who will they be? Where in the world will they go? Enjoy exploring their unique personality, together.

What Kind Of You inner page spread tilted shot name illustrated around book

Bursting with a child’s name on every page

Personalised from cover to cover, the delightfully silly story features your child’s name a gazillion times – in glorious illustrated fun!

What Kind Of You pink and grey inner pages Daisy

Riotous rhyme and hilarious opposites

Add any child’s name and see it transformed into all sorts of wonderfully wacky shapes and sizes and settings – as well as read-aloud rhymes that’ll have you in giggles.

What Kind Of You group shots four covers and contrast backgrounds

Four colourful covers to choose from

Not only does the cover feature a child’s name in GIANT letters – you can pick their favourite colour too! For a truly special book that could only belong to them.

What Kind Of You yellow cover metric measurement pages Benjamin

Big on quality

Each book measures 23cm x 23cm and is printed on thick, high-quality paper that’s partly recycled (FSC-certified) – so it’s good for little hands and our planet too! It comes in softback or hardback options.

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