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The Wondrous Road Ahead

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Kindness, Bravery, Curiosity, Determination, Respect, Honesty - choose three qualities you feel matter most to a child embarking on life’s journey. A personalized story that celebrates the individual strengths every child has within.

Recommended for ages 0-8
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$52.99 NZD

“...absolutely perfect with such a lovely message. We will enjoy reading this over and over again.” - Michelle Wilson

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"Well, you’ve done it again. I cried reading the preview. I’m buying one for my daughter and her cousins!!! 😍"

from Tracey

The Wondrous Road Ahead, book personalized for Oliver

Cleverly personalised, beautifully personal

There will be no mistake that they’re the hero in this imaginative tale. This is a story of empowerment, to take with them on their wondrous road ahead.

The Wondrous Road Ahead, book size 21cm x 29cm

Of wondrous size and quality

Each book measures 21cm x 29cm, softback and 36 pages long. It’s printed on thick, luxurious paper that’s partly recycled (FSC-certified) and built to last. So it’s a keepsake that’s good for our wondrous kingdom, too.


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