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A letter for the Littlest Bear

$39.99 NZD

Format - Hardcover

Introduce a little one to their family. You decide who a child meets in this magically-personalised book, as your special letter makes its way to them, bear by bear.
Recommended for ages 0-4
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“It was amazing to be able to add so many family and friends! She’ll love reading it when she's grown-up, too.”

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"This is our favourite story to read at night, especially for our oldest - we often catch her reading it to herself! Plus we have a lovely family nickname of littlest bear for our youngest 😊"

Niamh Baly

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The Littlest Bear - Product Description of all the different bears that feature in book

Feature the whole (furry) family

Add and name up to 9 different bears in your story. Friends, family and loved ones of all kinds can be part of this wondrous welcome to the world.

Image of the letter in the back of the book, to the littlest bear in your life.

Special delivery!

By the end of the story, your little one will discover a delightful letter with your personal dedication inside for them to treasure.

The Littlest Bear - Product Description of the book specification

Made to be enjoyed forever

Every book comes in hardcover, and is made to last a lifetime. It measures 11.6 inches x 7.8 inches and is printed on luxuriously thick paper.

The Littlest Bear - Product Description of the child's name written in flags

A gorgeous snapshot in time

A Letter for the Littlest Bear is the perfect way to capture a little one's early years... something they'll love even when they’re all grown-up and (occasionally) a little bit grizzly.


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