Daddy's Magic Hugs for You

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A cuddly story full of love

Celebrate the special bond between a little one and their daddy in this heartwarming story all wrapped up in love. Filled with comforting cuddles and a message that's truer than true – Daddy's hugs are magic, and he will always love you.

icon Best for ages 0 to 6

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Rated 4.8 out of 5

"Such a sweet story to strengthen the bond between a little one and their daddy." – Jan

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"I love that this book shows a caring father who is a safe place for his child."
Written by Alicia
an illustration from the book of a child and dad hugging

A snuggly celebration of their special bond

Put a little one and their daddy in a tale made just for them! This cosy, cuddly story is the sweetest way to capture the magic of their relationship.

father and child personalised book in gift box

A gift they'll always remember

Capture the story of those precious early years with this tale they'll both treasure forever. It's the perfect gift to show a little one they're oh-so-loved and to remind Daddy just how important he is.


Rated %{rating} out of 5

Our Hug Book FAQs

Make your personalised hug book in just a few easy steps:
1. Add Daddy's name to the story and personalise his illustrated character.
2. Add a child to the story. They'll both star on the front cover, and throughout.
3. Write a loving dedication and we'll print it on the first page, for free.
4. Choose a charming cover - pick from four colours, or opt for our Christmas cover design.

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