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I Love You This Much

A story of limitless love


Create a book for up to four children, to show how enormously you love them in every moment of every day. A beautiful personalized picturebook to read together as a family. For age 0 to 4.

An everyday adventure
Add 1 to 4 kids
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$34.99 USD

“Best gift EVER! My grandsons read this every night before bed.” – Judy

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“The book is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating such an amazing treasure that my daughter will have for the rest of her life.”

Loved by Sarah

Words of love, to brighten every day

Words of love, to brighten every day

Written in rhyme, this is a tale made to be read together every day, and to hold tight for years to come! Watch the joy on each child's face every time you read their name out loud, and tell them just how very, very much you love them.

Perfect gift for siblings, grandchildren... the whole family!

Perfect gift for siblings, grandchildren... the whole family!

From newborn gifts to birthdays to just because, I Love You This Much is the perfect personalized keepsake for little ones. Add your own dedication to the book, absolutely free, for that extra-loving touch.



What age is this book for?

This personalized children’s book was written with kids up to 4 years old in mind (but we think no child is too old to hear all the reasons why you love them!). The easy rhyme, repetition and big pictures make it a perfect story for reading aloud together.

How many children can I make the book for?

You can make the book for one, two, three or four children. The story magically changes based on how many children you add, so it’s super easy to personalize! It makes a perfect gift for siblings, cousins, or grandchildren.

How can I personalize the book?

Add up to four children’s names: each child's name is at the heart of this story, appearing not just in the text, but also scattered throughout the illustrations for your little ones to spot. 
Add each child’s character: we’ve designed a set of adorable characters to choose from, for both boy and girl, and from smallest child to biggest child! Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options. 
Favorite color for the cover: choose from Sea Blue, Vanilla, Strawberry or Sunshine. Each child's name and adventurer also appear on the cover of the book, making each copy utterly unique.
A free customized dedication: use our pre-written dedication or pen something all your own, for a meaningful, cherished message a child will see every time they open the book.

What occasion is best to buy it for?

The timeless story of love makes this the perfect gift for any occasion. Our customers buy it as a newborn gift, baby shower gift, children’s birthdays, children’s Valentine’s Day gift, to those ‘just because’ days. The story follows a day in the life of you and a child, so it’s a great story to read every day as part of your bedtime story routine.

Do you do a book for mummy or daddy?

Yes! We have several editions of the book for different family members, which make fabulous presents for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays. Each edition is personalized from your child or children. Browse each book below:
I Love Mommy This Much
I Love Daddy This Much
I Love Grandma This Much
I Love Grandad This Much

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