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Learn letters
ABC For You
From €24.99

A fun-packed, personalised early learning book that features your child on every page! Guaranteed to boost their alphabet.

  • Age 0-3
  • Personalised name, cover and character
  • Boosts letter recognition
Sleep well
Bedtime for You
From €29.99

Send a child off into the sweetest of dreams with a personalised bedtime story. It’s the coziest, cuddliest countdown to sleep, ever!

  • Age 0-4
  • Personalised from cover to cover
  • For calmer, cuddlier bedtimes
Feel brave
Nursery For You
From €24.99

Cheer up your little one’s daily routine, and prepare them for the exciting new world of nursery. A heartwarming personalised story, to reassure them until pick up time.

  • Age 0-3
  • Personalised name, character and nursery title
  • Comforts and reassures
Be yourself
What Kind of YOU Will You Be?
From €24.99
  • Age 0-6
  • Features a child's name 78 times!
  • Celebrates their potential

“These books make great presents – they really nurture positivity in children. I’ve bought my daughter the entire collection!"

Loved by Lisa

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