Where Are You? Save the Multiverse!

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A search-and-find adventure for 1–3 kids

An urgent mission to save the multiverse from an evil criminal mastermind? Awesome! Send up to three children on an epic quest to look for themselves (and save each other) in a personalised search-and-find book.

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Rated 5 out of 5

“We have all the Where Are You Books! This one is my daughters’ favorite because they’re all in it and they all get to save the world together!” – Chloe

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"Wonderful pictures! There is so much to spot and see! My grandchildren love finding themselves together."
Written by Martina
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Choose from over 750 different adventurers

From braids to curls, and dark skin to light, bring each of your little characters to life by choosing from a range of natural skin tones and hairstyles. Every character is hand-drawn by bestselling illustrator Marija Tiurina.

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Meet Marija

Have you met Marija? It’s about time you did. Marija Tiurina is an astonishingly talented illustrator and artist who’s created work for the likes of Netflix, Penguin, Apple and, of course, us. Did we mention her large-scale murals? We defy your jaw not to drop.

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Collect the whole set of adventures

Screens don’t stand a chance with awesome search-and-find books around. Save 25% when you buy 2 or more books in the series with code EPICBUNDLE, and send them on even more epic adventures.


Rated %{rating} out of 5

Where Are You? Save the Multiverse! FAQs

It’s a bit like Where's Wally – but in this book, you’re looking for yourself! And unlike other look-and-find books, this story takes up to three children on an epic, universe-hopping adventure. As well as finding different versions of themselves in alternative universes, they’ll get to solve oodles of fun puzzles along the way.

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