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My Golden Ticket

$39.99 AUD

A personalized story in collaboration with Roald Dahl

This book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory. In Roald Dahl’s original, there were only five Golden Tickets in the whole world. Now every young reader can have one.

“I always loved Charlie and the chocolate factory as a kid and I think this book and its personalisation is brilliant!”

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My Golden Ticket Book - Product Description of their very own Wonka bar design

A delicious double-page with their own unique Wonka bar

In the story, each child stumbles across different flavours, textures and ‘fizzical effects’ inspired by the letters of their name. Thanks to some Wonka magic, these all come together to create a glorious, personal candy bar. It is only a picture though, so please don’t try to eat it.

My Golden Ticket - Product description of a personalised Oompa Loompa song

A delightfully personalised Oompa Loompa song

Perhaps the most mind-boggling moment of all. At the end of their adventure, each child’s experiences are remarkably retold in rhyme. It’s the special moment they realise that everything that’s happened in the story has been inspired by their name.

My golden ticket - product description of the visual treats that are featured in the book

A visual treat of wonderful Wonka inventions

The story is told in the form of a personal journal, recounting the child’s adventures. It’s overspilling with flyers and wrappers from secret new Wonka inventions, seemingly snaffled from the factory. Exhilaration guaranteed.

Wonderously Wonka
Perfect gift for kids 5-12 years
Imagination Boost
My Golden Ticket - Product Specification 1 of the book dimensions

Gold-quality specifications

Each book is printed on scrumptiously smooth 150gsm paper with a shimmering, golden foil-block cover. It comes in hardback (200 x 271mm) or softcover (195mm x 265mm) and it varies in length between 36 and 40 pages, depending on your child’s name. This is an unforgettable keepsake by any stretch of a child’s imagination.



United Kingdom

Truly amazing I cant wait to share the …

Truly amazing I cant wait to share the Golden Ticket story with my grand daughter she will absolutely love it . Very imaginative and illustrations are fab I know she will want to read this over and over again Truly magical Thank you Wonderbly Angels

Sofia Baliashvili
United Kingdom

My Golden Ticket - it's just magical!!

Just received my book yesterday, it’s just magical!! Very well done Wonderbly!! Will recommend it to all my friends!!😊✨

United Kingdom

The My Golden Ticket book came out absolutely beautiful

The story and the way the words are written makes it so fun to read and the artwork is incredible. It always make the gift a bit more special when the child feels involved <3

Emma Small
United Kingdom

Personalisation is brilliant!

I chose the golden ticket book for my daughter as I always loved Charlie and the chocolate factory as a kid and I think this book and its personalisation is brilliant!

Brianna Beere
United States

The level of personalization is beyond par

My Golden Ticket is a beautifully crafted book that my little boy will be able to enjoy for years and years. The level of personalization is beyond par, and it definitely makes each book one of a kind. Thank you for such a perfect Christmas present!

Monique Snow
United Kingdom

My children absolutely love their books

I bought The Boy Who Lost his Name for my son and My Golden Ticket for my daughter. They love that their name is printed within the book and I love the quality of the book which makes it great to give as a gift.