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A story to celebrate a child every day

Celebrate a year in a child’s life, beginning in their birthday month. This personalized story follows them through the seasons as the natural world grows and changes with them. A perfect gift to make a birthday even more special.

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Rated 5 out of 5

"It makes me think about the changes in a child's life and how special childhood is." – Gabby

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"It makes a child feel very special on their birthday month, and all year round."
Written by Agatha
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The power of personalization

You can personalize your story with the name of the child and choose their character. Not only does it look extra-adorable (and it does), but it also has heaps of benefits, from boosting reading confidence to increasing self-esteem. We’ve even done studies about it.

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When is a book not just a book?

When it includes a message of love to transform it into a treasured keepsake. Add your own dedication for free and we’ll print it on the first page, so every time they open their book, they remember just how loved they are.


Rated %{rating} out of 5

This Month's Child FAQs

It's super simple. Just add a child's first name and choose their birth month, then watch them appear as if by magic on the front cover and throughout the story. You can even add their age for an extra-personal touch.

We’ve designed eighteen little characters to choose from, for both boy and girl. Add their gender, select their age range (either 1-3 years or 4-9 years) then choose from a selection of hair and skin tone options.

Make your gift even more special by adding your own personal message to the first page. We'll print up to 400 characters and 10 lines right at the start of the story, for free.

Finally, choose a beautiful cover for a finishing touch. There are four charming designs to pick from, each featuring a different season.

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