A New Sibling For You

Rated 4.8 out of 5

A reassuring book for a sibling-to-be

A heartwarming personalized book about becoming a big brother or sister, that reassures a child that there's always enough love to go around.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5

"The ending drew a tear! It's a lovely way to explain things to a young child." - Serena

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"The rhyming is great, it's so nice to read aloud! It helped Zane understand that he has a very important job: to be the best big brother!"
Written by Mark
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When is a book not just a book?

When it includes a message of love to transform it into a treasured keepsake. Add your own dedication for free and we’ll print it on the first page, so every time they open their book, they remember just how loved they are.

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The power of personalization

You can personalize your story with the name of the child and choose their character. Not only does it look super-cool (and it does), but it also has heaps of benefits, from boosting reading confidence to increasing self-esteem. We’ve even done studies about it.

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Help them every step of the way

Discover the series that helps parents and toddlers with tricky transitions, from starting nursery to welcoming a new baby to the family. There’s a story to soothe every worry. See the First Steps For You collection.

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Rated 5 out of 5

Sibling For You FAQs

Our new sibling book is cleverly designed so you can personalize it for two children, whether your new baby has arrived yet or not. 

First, add the older sibling: add a child’s name to the story, and see it magically appear on the cover, throughout the story and in the illustrations. We’ve designed six little characters to choose from, for both boy and girl. Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options.
Then add the new baby:  include a baby brother, baby sister – or baby sibling if it’s a surprise! – in the story. Choose from three adorable baby characters, each with a different natural skin tone.

​​• Choose your book title from ‘A New Sibling for You’ or ‘You Are a Big Brother or Sister’, and we’ll add your fantastic title to the front cover. 
Choose a cover color: choose from Vanilla, Baby Pink, Baby Blue or Sunshine. The children’s name and characters also appear on the cover of the book, making each copy utterly unique.
Write a free custom dedication message: use our pre-written dedication or pen something all your own, for a personal dedication a child can treasure every time they open the book.

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