Princess You The Great

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Turn your child into a powerful princess

Know a little one who dreams of being a princess? Well, we’re making wishes come true! From fairy princess to ice princess, they’ll transform into five powerful princesses and see how special they are in this personalized princess book.

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Rated 5 out of 5

"Anyone can be the hero! So cute." – Rachel

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"I love how it's all about them and makes their imagination soar. My daughter loves to get lost in it."
Written by Miya
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The power of personalization

You can personalize your story with the name of the child and choose their character. Not only does it look super-cool (and it does), but it also has heaps of benefits, from boosting reading confidence to increasing self-esteem. We’ve even done studies about it.

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Add some extra magic

All our books come with the option of glorious gift wrap. Choose from a simple sleeve or gift box. Bonus feature: the boxes love a second life as something so imaginative only a child could dream it up. Fantastic Mr Box, anyone?


Rated %{rating} out of 5

Personalized princess book FAQs

Making a personalized princess book or prince book takes just a few quick steps:

Add your child’s first name: their name appears on the front cover and throughout the story.

Choose your child’s adventurer: we’ve designed nine majestic little characters to choose from, for both boy and girl. Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options.

Write your own message: use our pre-written dedication or pen something all your own (no quill required) to create a gift to treasure forever.

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