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Awesome activity books for adventurous kids

Looking for boredom-busting activities for stay-at-home fun? Check out our awesome activity books for kids and toddlers. Packed with puzzles, coloring, dot-to-dots and oodles more!

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What activity books for kids do you have?

We have a glorious range of children’s activity books for different ages. Each book is packed with coloring, drawing, puzzles – and more! – based on characters and illustrations from our bestselling children’s books.

Which activity book is best for my child?

For young children and toddlers, we recommend our Wonderbly Coloring Book. With simple coloring activities, dot-to-dots and counting games, it’s the perfect preschool activity book. For kids aged 4+, our Wonderbly Activity & Coloring Book features more puzzles and spot-the-difference activities in, to stretch a little one’s imagination! And for kids aged 6 and up, our Wonderbly Activity Book is stuffed with learn-to-draw activities from our own illustrators and some brain-twistingly brilliant codebreakers and word searches.

Do you have any sticker books for kids?

Why, yes we do! My Dreamtown Sticker Book turns your child into the mayor of their own town, where they complete the scenes using over 450 stickers. In a revolutionary world-first, the whole book is personalized with your child’s name and character – including the stickers! We also have a sticker book for kids based on our bestselling search-and-find book Where Are You…?

What occasion is best to buy these books for?

Our kids’ activity books make the perfect birthday present or back-to-school gift. With tons of creative activities, they’re also ideal for keeping kids entertained on rainy days and summer holidays. If you’re buying an extra-special gift for a child, they make a great companion to any of our personalized children’s books – guaranteeing to make the fun and magic last even longer.

How do you personalize the activity books?

Both Where Are You…? and My Dreamtown Sticker Book are cleverly personalized with a child’s name and character throughout. Our sticker book even features personalized stickers for your little one to go to town with!

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