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We estimate our delivery dates by country, and they may differ slightly depending on the type of book you order or your delivery address. In the US, our last order dates vary by state.

The closer you order to our final delivery dates, the more likely that we’ll only have softcover books available to arrive in time for Father's Day.

No need to worry, though – we’ll give you a more accurate delivery date during checkout. If you have any questions about delivery, our helpful Angels have all the answers you need!

State Standard delivery
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Alabama 10th June
Alaska See checkout
Arizona 11th June
Arkansas 10th June
California 10th June
Colorado 11th June
Connecticut 11th June
Delaware 11th June
District of Columbia 11th June
Florida 10th June
Georgia 10th June
Hawaii See checkout
Idaho 11th June
Illinois 10th June
Indiana 10th June
Iowa 10th June
Kansas 10th June
Kentucky 10th June
Louisiana 10th June
Maine 10th June
Maryland 11th June
Massachusetts 10th June
Michigan 10th June
Minnesota 10th June
Mississippi 10th June
Missouri 11th June
Montana 10th June
Nebraska 11th June
Nevada 10th June
New Hampshire 11th June
New Jersey 11th June
New Mexico 10th June
New York 11th June
North Carolina 10th June
North Dakota 10th June
Ohio 10th June
Oklahoma 10th June
Oregon 10th June
Pennsylvania 11th June
Rhode Island 11th June
South Carolina 10th June
South Dakota 10th June
Tennessee 10th June
Texas 10th June
Texas 10th June
Utah 11th June
Vermont 10th June
Virginia 11th June
Washington 10th June
West Virginia 11th June
Wisconsin 10th June
Wyoming 11th June

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