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The Wonderbly Story

Using personalization to inspire boundless self-belief in children

There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. Make a child a paper crown, and they’ll believe they’re royalty. Give a child a cardboard box and, well, anything’s possible. Racing driver? Check. Astronaut? Roger.

Together we can make every child feel this way. And a few more grown-ups too.

Where our story began...

Once upon a time (in 2012) four friends got together to make a personalized book – better than any personalized book that had ever been made before! They worked on it in their spare time as a pet project. Late nights. Understanding families. Pretending to work on work stuff at work, when they weren’t. Eventually it was finished—a charming story called The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name, in which the story itself would change based on the name of the child it was created for. It was even more magical than the friends had imagined.

They launched it! Word got around. People bought it, and said nice things about it. And the friends thought, Hang on. Hang on a second. This could be BIG. The next couple of years were a bit of a blur. Hundreds of books were created, then thousands, then millions! These four friends had transformed the book into a whole company called Lost My Name, where they started to create new, even more imaginative personalized stories.

The four friends soon became a hundred friends. Lost My Name became Wonderbly. And the book that started it all grew into a whole feast of impossibly personalized stories, each one designed to make any child feel extraordinarily special. To make them feel like any story they imagined could be their story.

And this? This is our story. So far.

Join us

We’re always looking for more brilliant (and very, very nice) people to join our team. Find out more here: backstage.wonderbly.com