The Tween Birthday Book

Rated 5 out of 5

For your almost-teen

All too soon, that gurgling baby of yours grows into a sassy pre-teen with attitude to spare. This personalised birthday book celebrates the amazing person your child is becoming. We use their name and birthday to create a grown-up, genuinely fascinating book that will remind them how loved they are (without embarrassing them).

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Rated 5 out of 5

“My daughter gave it 10/10 – best gift ever!” Francine, Mum to Caroline (7)

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"Jonathan loved the book! He actually said 'Wow!'"
Written by Tracy, Mum to Jonathan (13)"
A child and mother reading the personalised book

Made by fellow parents-of-tweens

We have a lot of parents with pre-teens here at Wonderbly, so we know what a turbulent phase this can be (our main advice? Hold on to your hats!). We pour all of our hard-earned parental experience into personalised gifts that make tweens feel supported and seen.

A child and mother reading the personalised book

Celebrating them

No longer little children, not quite teenagers, the tween phase is a tricky one. The hormone factory is just beginning to crank and things can feel overwhelming (for everyone involved). Let them know you’re there for them with a gift that celebrates them and the wonderful person they’re becoming.


Rated 5 out of 5

The Tween Birthday Book FAQs

We know what you mean. Some children just mature faster than others. But we think this book, packed with I-Didn’t-Know-Thats, has something a little bit special to engage even sceptical readers. A personalised birthday book that speaks their language and imparts fascinating facts all about their life, it’s a gift that quietly lets them know how special they are.

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