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My Daddy The Superhero

Make a super-dad feel super-special


A rampaging robot is on the loose, and there’s only one person who can save the day... Dad! Turn him into a superhero in this incredible personalised storybook, made for up to four children.
Best for ages 3 to 8
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$219.00 HKD

"I like the idea of a kids' book celebrating dads in a positive light." – Dan

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My Daddy The Superhero with different names on the cover

"My son loved giving a personalised book to his dad for Father's Day! The book is beautiful quality, my only regret is not doing it sooner!"

– Shanie

Father and daughter reading My Daddy The Superhero together

Go dad! A story to make him feel extraordinary

All kids think their dad is brilliant. And this book is the perfect way to show him! Bursting with jaw-dropping personalisation, it’s a super gift to celebrate the fantastic father in your family.

Different spreads inside My Daddy Superhero

Over 30 awesome action-packed pages

Kids will love diving into this epic adventure, again and again. Every page is a feast of vivid visual delights, thanks to illustrator Josh Cleland. And there’s plenty to giggle at too, with words by award-winning, bestselling author David Cadji-Newby.


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