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A new personalized book that takes any child to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory

My Golden Ticket Product

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A brand new, remarkably personalized story

This book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory.
They’ll explore wondrous new rooms and uncover their own delicious secrets.
The perfect personalized gift for kids 5-12 years.

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JACK sweets and postcard wrapping

Personalized by a child's name

On his way around the factory, a kid called Jack might collect flavours like Juicy Jello, an Airy centre, some Colossal effect and even a hint of Kindness!

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Wondrously Wonka

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Perfect gift for kids 5-12 years

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Imagination Boost

My golden Ticket animation of the double spread of the personalised chocolate bar and sweet

Their very own Wonka bar design

By the end of the story your child will discover something truly tremendous – a one-of-a-kind Wonka bar inspired by their name. (Just don’t try to eat it, it’s only a picture.)

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Girl reading the my golden ticket book

If Wonka himself were to make books, we believe he would have injected Wonderbly’s inventive formula.

Luke Kelly, Roald Dahl's grandson
Oompa Loompa personalised song for the child

Personalized Oompa Loompa song

A marvelously melodious moment! Your child won't believe their eyes when they realise that everything in the story has been inspired by their own name.

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Visual delights that feature in my golden ticket

A visual treat

Gorgeously detailed and illustrated throughout. The story unfolds as a personal journal, every page over-spilling with flyers and wrappers from Wonka's inventions.

girl reading a my golden ticket book with bubbles around her

My daughter can’t put it down. She believes she really went to Wonka’s factory!

Marion Price, Texas, USA
My golden ticket book dimension

Book specifications

Available in hardcover (7.9 inches x 10.6 inches) or softcover (7.7 inches x 10.4 inches)

Printed on scrumptiously smooth 150gsm paper with a golden foil-block cover

Book length between 36 and 40 pages, depending on length of a child’s name

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What makes Wonderbly™ books different?

Wonderbly™ stories take personalization to staggering new heights. Because the more fantastically real a story feels to a child, the more boundless their self-belief. Oh, tremendous things are in store for you!