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You Are The Best Dad Ever


A book for Grown ups!

A hilarious, heartfelt celebration of what makes that dad in your life the very best, ever! Just choose the special qualities that reflect him, and kazam - a personalized book bursting with meaningful detail.
For dads with older kids
Preview all 42 pages before buying
Ships worldwide within 48 hours

Perfect gift for Father’s Day!
Packed with personalization
Customized for you
Rated 5 out of 5

"My personalised version of 'Best Dad Ever' is simply - Brilliant! A great book and every dad should have one!" - John

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This book is so true and relatable. It’s like someone was watching our family and wrote it for us!

Loved by Linda

What kind of dad are you?

Just what makes dad so special?

Is it how hardworking he is? Or how funny? How much he knows, or all the things he can do? Whatever makes dad so awesome, just tell us, add the kids’ names (and partner, if you like) and we’ll do the rest. He won’t believe how perfectly it describes him!

Personalization in You Are The Best Dad Ever

Packed with poignant detail

Every page of the book is full of personalized, meaningful detail, which celebrates exactly what makes him so special. Bespoke advertisements, posters, reviews, certificates, trophies, spaghetti (yes, spaghetti!) - every last detail is lovingly personalized, just for dad.

Family reading You Are The Best Dad Ever

A keepsake for the family to enjoy

This is a book to be read, pored over and enjoyed together - and a family keepsake to be kept forever. You’ll come back again and again to the extraordinary detail, pointing to each bit and saying, ‘Yes, dad, that’s definitely you!’ Looking for the Mom edition?

Personalized covers for You Are The Best Dad Ever

Choose from four different covers

Not only is the book’s content designed specifically for him, but you can also choose a cover that best reflects his personality - from classic, for the more sophisticated fathers, through to something more celebratory, for dads who take themselves less seriously!

Dimensions of You Are The Best Dad Ever

Beautifully printed in hardcover

Each book is printed as a one-off edition, in hardcover, measuring 7.9” x 10.3”. It is 42 pages long and printed on thick, premium paper that will withstand being read over and again - making it a gift that will last for years and years to come.



I’ve never seen anything like this! It is so entertaining and yet heartfelt too.


This book is so true and relatable. It’s like someone was watching our family and wrote it for us!


You would come back to this book time and time again!

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