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Personalized books for toddlers

Nurture your toddler’s early learning and language skills – and have fun at the same time! – with our personalized storybooks. Designed to give them the best head start possible.

Books for busy toddlers

Our best books for toddlers

New! Personalized ABC book
ABC For You
From $42.99 CAD

A fun-packed, personalized early learning book that features your child on every page! Guaranteed to boost their alphabet.

  • Age 0 - 3
  • Personalized name, cover and character
  • Makes everyday learning fun
New! Personalized counting book
10 Little Yous
From $42.99 CAD

Learning numbers has never been so much fun! Take a toddler on an adventure from 1 to 10 in a personalized counting book.

  • Age 0 - 3
  • Personalized name, cover and character
  • Perfect for preschool
Who Can? You Can!
From $42.99 CAD

Encourage your little one’s can-do attitude with a personalized milestone book. A powerfully positive story about never giving up – and celebrating every tiny triumph!

  • Age 0 - 3
  • Personalized name, cover, character and milestones
  • Packed with positivity
Daycare For You
From $42.99 CAD

A personalized daycare book, to fill them with positivity and confidence for the day ahead.

  • Age 0 - 3
  • Personalized name, character and daycare title
  • Soothes morning wobbles

More perfectly personalized toddler books

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Do you have any colour books for toddlers?

Indeed we do! Check out our personalized colours book for kids, Your Colours. It’s a fun, educational journey through the colours featuring tons of things to spot!

Do you do board books for toddlers?

While we don’t have any board books, all our story books for toddlers come in a square format (9 x 9 inches) that’s perfect for little hands to hold! They’re available in softcover or super-sturdy hardcover. We print on thick, hard-wearing paper that’s thoroughly toddler-tested.

What are your best learning books for toddlers?

Check out our personalized ABC book ABC for You and our counting book 10 Little Yous. Both use the power of personalization to put your toddler at the heart of their learning experience.

Are your toddler books for boys and girls?

Yes! Any of our toddler books can be made for a boy or girl. They also make the perfect personalized gifts for toddlers! We have six boy characters and six girl characters to choose from for each story book.