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Your Colours

A brilliantly bright early learning story

Rated 4.8out of 5

Introduce a toddler to the wondrous world of colours! Personalized page by page, this interactive colours book for kids is brimming with things to spot, say and learn.

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Recommended for ages 0-3
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$49.99 CAD
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Rated 4.8out of 5

“Excellent pictures. My daughter knows all her colours since we started reading this book!” – Ryan

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Your Colours

“The story and the personalized character are perfect for little ones because it keeps them engaged and interested.”

Loved by Alicia

Your Colours Personalized Download

Get a free personalized colouring sheet!

Brighten up your day with this free colouring sheet, brimming with illustrations from the book. Just add a child's name, download and print. Crayons at the ready!

Different personalized covers of Your Colours

How is the book personalized?

Add your child’s name and character, and we’ll weave them into every page of their dazzling rainbow adventure. Choose a colour for the front cover (one your child will soon know by name!) and add a personalized dedication message especially for your little learner.

Different personalized pages of Your Colours

What’s the story?

Take a toddler through a wonderland of colour to discover which one is their favourite. Along the way, they spot odd-colours-out everywhere – from a purple plum on the green page, to a blue butterfly on the yellow page. It’s an interactive, early learning delight!

Quality and size of Your Colours

Quality and size

Measuring 9 x 9 inches and made from high quality, hard-wearing paper, this is the perfect book for storytime together. Little learners will love the rhythmical rhymes – and the colourful illustrations, of course! Available in softcover or hardcover, both totally toddler-tested.

Child learning colours

How does it help A brilliantly bright early learning story

We’ve packed this story with adorable illustrations and delightful details to inspire confidence and curiosity in little learners. Grown-ups buy this book for toddlers taking their first steps on their learning journey, but the sweet story makes it a lovely gift for newborns, too.

Stack of little learner book series

Complete their learning library

Kickstart your child’s reading, number and colour-spotting skills with our ever-so-clever personalized ABC, counting and colours books! The perfect gift for preschoolers.
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Rated 5out of 5
Rated 5out of 5

I love that it's educational and also personalized, it'll make it a lot easier to teach the little one their letters and keep their attention. It's also a really thoughtful gift that's one of a kind!

Rated 5out of 5

It brings joy to see a child's face when you read them a story that turns out to be about them.

Rated 5out of 5

I love the personalized book. Great for my kid who loves books and a great keepsake.

Rated 5out of 5

I like to give educational gifts to young children. I like that it can be personalized.


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