Who Can? You Can!

An encouraging boost for a toddler

Rated 4.8out of 5

What can your toddler do all by themselves? Add four everyday challenges to this personalized milestone book that celebrates their tiny triumphs.

Recommended for ages 0-3
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Rated 4.8 out of 5
Rated 4.8out of 5

“Thanks for creating such a positive book!” – Megan

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“A lovely story that really helped me boost my son’s self esteem, and build a positive mindset. I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Written by Ashlea
Personalization in Who Can? You Can!

How is this book personalized?

Add a child’s name and choose their character. Then pick four milestones for them to master, from washing their hands to dressing themselves. Each milestone becomes a chapter in their one-of-a-kind storybook!

Personalized spread in Who Can? You Can!

What’s the story?

Follow your little one as they go about their day, trying new things and mastering tricky tasks from using the potty to sharing nicely. Written in a rhyming refrain that’s perfect for reading together – with plenty of joining in!

Book dimensions for Who Can? You Can!

Quality and size

The square format (9 x 9 inches) and thick, high quality paper make this the perfect book to keep wriggly toddlers entranced. Choose from softcover or hardcover for any extra-dribbly readers!

Father and child reading Who Can? You Can!

Perfect gift for toddlers

Packed with positivity, this story is perfect for little ones learning to do everyday things for themselves. A unique way to boost their self confidence.


Rated 5out of 5
Rated 5out of 5

This book is really good at promoting positivity. It makes all the day to day activities that young children do fun and gives them confidence because they know they can do these core life skills. It's all framed in a way which empowers children and their parents, and provides something parents can discuss with their children in clear, simple language.

Rated 5out of 5

We love it! Our daughter really gets involved and shouts out the 'Ava can!' part each time! It encourages her to believe that she can do anything instead of saying, I can't.

Rated 5out of 5

What an amazing message to enforce in children's life. You can do anything you put your mind to, you can be anything in the world.


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