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Where Are You...?

$29.99 USD

A personalized search-and-find extravaganza, where you’re looking for… yourself!
Children will love exploring 6 alternative universes, spotting different versions of themselves – along with oodles of other fun challenges.
Recommended for ages 5+
36 pages of storytelling fun
Ships worldwide within 48 hours

Rated 4.5 out of 5

"A wonderful experience for my daughter. I'm so happy to see her so immensely happy and delighting in all the options for her future. Truly the best gift I've ever given her!" - Kat Lai

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"I love how your books positively support children and your imaginative stories and drawings are so much fun!"

Ross Rasmussen
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Deliciously detailed search-and-find

With so much to see, kids will get lost in the illustrations for hours. Try it yourself, above – can you find the walking egg, pigeon doctor and laid-back walrus?

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With personalized covers – in two sizes!

It’s our first book with personalized covers, featuring the child’s name! Choose our jumbo edition, for spectacular, spread-out-and-share fun, or our handy journal size.

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Search-and-find across 6 incredible universes

Full of fabulous detail, vibrant colour and curious characters, and packed with visual jokes galore, kids will come back again and again.

An image of a child as an explorer, chef, superstar, vet, investigator and a scientist

Every child has endless potential

By finding different versions of themselves in alternative universes, kids learn they can be anything – from intergalactic vets, to cosmic superstars!

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Choose from 6 different adventurers

With six different characters to choose from, boy and girl, just pick the one that most resembles the child that the book is for.


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