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Impress the unimpressible

The need to reconnect with our teens is real: that baby is fast-becoming a young adult with opinions and passions to spare. This personalised birthday book celebrates the amazing person your child is becoming. We use their name and birthday to create a grown-up, genuinely fascinating book that will remind them how loved they are (without earning yourself any embarrassing parent points). If your child is younger, try The Tween Birthday Book.

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Rated 5 out of 5

“My daughter gave it 10/10 – best gift ever!” Francine, Mum to Caroline (7)

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"Jonathan loved the book! He actually said 'Wow!'"
Written by Tracy, Mum to Jonathan (13)"
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Made by fellow parents-of-teens

Teens. What on earth do you buy them? We have a lot of parents with teenagers here at Wonderbly and this question comes up frequently. Cash or vouchers feel impersonal and we want to give them something that makes them feel loved, right? We pour all of our hard-earned parental experience into personalised gifts that make children (even surly teens) feel supported and seen.

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A book for adults-in-waiting

The teen years are tricky ones. Hormones are running wild and building their self esteem can be an uphill climb. This fancy book all about them will speak to the sophisticated grown-up they so dearly want to be, while appealing to the curious child who still quite likes to sleep with the hallway light on.


Rated 5 out of 5

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We know what you mean. There is nothing more difficult to wow than a teenager. But we think this book, packed with I-Didn’t-Know-Thats, has something a little bit special that will engage even the surliest teen. A personalised birthday book that speaks their language and imparts fascinating facts all about their life, it’s a gift that quietly lets them know how special they are…without mortifying them.

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