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Bedtime for You

A personalized bedtime book

Bringing the sweetest of dreams to the most precious of little ones. A beautifully illustrated and written bedtime story in charming verse, it’s the coziest, cuddliest countdown to sleep, ever!
Recommended for ages: 0-4
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Rich with rhyme
Encourages reading
Promotes bedtime routine
Rated 5 out of 5

"There's nothing better than a personalized bedtime story with your child, a time for bonding." - Ellie

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"I have a difficult time getting my 4 year old boy and 1 year old girl to bed at night - a book customized for each of them does just the trick!"

from Rachel

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Personalized from cover to cover

From the front cover to the final double page spread, and in each rhyming refrain, the child’s name is featured throughout this bedtime story – to give them (and you) a warm, snuggly feeling.

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A message of love, for a most precious child

The constant, comforting message of the story is that the child is the most precious of them all – and is loved very, very much.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Zzzzzz

Five wooly lambs, four fluffy chicks, three rather adorable rabbits… The child is carried off to sleep by a cuddly cast of the cutest animals.

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Written in rhyme, beautifully illustrated

The smooth, soothing verses will lull children to sleep, while the delightful illustrations send them off to the sweetest of dreams.

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Perfect for little hands

Each book measures 9"x9" and printed on thick, luxurious paper that’s partly recycled (FSC-certified), because our planet deserves love, too! It comes in softback or hardback options.



Bedtime ritual

There's nothing better than a personalised bedtime story with your child, a time for bonding.



This idea is so cool, especially being a "bedtime" book - a perfect personalized book to read to your child before going to sleep!


Does the trick!

I have a difficult time getting my 4 yr old and 1 yr old to bed at night - a book customized for each of them does just the trick!


Love the personalized title

The child's name is in the title of the book makes a world of difference!

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