I Love You This Much


Show little ones how loved they are

Create a book for up to four children, to show how enormously you love them in every moment of every day. A beautiful personalised picturebook to read together as a family.

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Rated 5 out of 5

“Best gift EVER! My grandsons read this every night before bed.” – Judy

“The book is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating such an amazing treasure that my daughter will have for the rest of her life.”
Written by Sarah
Books on the bed

The power of personalisation

You can personalise your story with the name of the child and choose their character. Not only does it look super-cool (and it does), but it also has heaps of benefits, from boosting reading confidence to increasing self-esteem. We’ve even done studies about it. 

father and child personalised book in gift box

Add some extra magic

All our books come with the option of glorious gift wrap. Choose from a simple sleeve or gift box. Bonus feature: the boxes love a second life as something so imaginative only a child could dream it up. Fantastic Mr Box, anyone? 



I Love You FAQs

This personalised children’s book was written with kids up to 4 years old in mind (but we think no child is too old to hear all the reasons why you love them!). The easy rhyme, repetition and big pictures make it a perfect story for reading aloud together.  

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