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ABC For You

A learning adventure


Supercharge your child’s learning journey with this amazingly personalised alphabet book, full of beautiful illustrations and hilarious characters.

Makes everyday learning fun
Personalisation on every page
Early learning

“The personalisation made it much easier to get my little one interested in learning their letters!” – Annette

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Explore the alphabet! Begin by adding a name.

Choose the adventurer in your book

“The personalisation is fantastic. It makes the letters so much more meaningful for a child!”

Recommended by Dr. Natascha Crandall, Educational Consultant

ABC For You free printable

Get a free alphabet colouring sheet

Can't wait for your book to arrive? Dive in straightaway with this free personalised colouring sheet. Just add a child's name, download and print at home!

Collect the set

Complete their learning library

Your child's learning journey continues! Introduce a child to the alphabet and kickstart their reading skills with our amazingly personalised counting book.

ABC for You in Wonderbly's own gift wrap

Perfect gift for little learners

A love of learning is one of the greatest gifts you can pass on to a child. Make their next birthday, Christmas or milestone present count with a book that supports and encourages their development.



What’s a personalised ABC book?

It’s an alphabet book – with your little one at the heart of the learning journey! Their name and character appears on every page, which positively supports and encourages your child's development as well as being a delight to read.

What age is the book for?

Our ABC book is best for ages 2 to 4, just when little ones are starting to show an interest in the letters of the alphabet. Of course, each child discovers literacy at their own pace, and so you might find that the book's just right for a child older or younger than this.

How does the book teach children the alphabet?

Personalisation has been proven to boost letter recognition and get children reading earlier. When little ones see themselves at the centre of the story, it makes learning letters super fun and more relevant. Find out more about the benefits of personalised books.

How can I personalise the book?

Child’s first name: your child's name will appear on the cover and every page of the story, enjoying adventures with a host of alphabet friends. And there’s a big reveal at the end!
Child’s adventurer: we’ve designed six characters to choose from, for both boy and girl. Select their gender, then choose from a selection of natural hair and skin tone options.
Favourite colour for the cover: choose from Apple Red, Frog Green, Bright Blue or Arctic White. The child's name and adventurer also appear on the cover of the book, making each copy utterly unique.
Your personalised dedication message: Make the moment even more special by adding your own dedication, or sentiments. We'll print up to 400 characters and 10 lines right at the start of the story, for free.

Is the book format suitable for toddlers?

Yes! Choose our softcover edition for an extra portable book, or upgrade to hardcover for something even sturdier. Our thick, child-friendly paper is top quality for little readers.

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