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A stomping, roaring, dino-sized hullaballoo

Ever seen a Steg-o-Mom? Or a Mommy-o-dactyl? You’ll find both (and more) in this personalized story starring the queen of the pre-bedtime hustle and bustle. Send Mommy-o-saurus and her kids on a stomping, chomping, roaring adventure through Dino Land. A prehistoric tale for dino-loving families.

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"The personalized characters made the story feel like it was written just for us. A roaring success!" - Daniel

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"Our kids absolutely loved this dino-rific adventure. The story was so engaging."
Written by Alison
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The power of personalization

Adding a child's name and creating a hero that looks like them doesn't just feed their main character energy. It makes the book more absorbably immersive. It also has real-world benefits – and much as we love fiction, we've got facts to back this up. So there you go: personalization boosts reading confidence and self-esteem.

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Made by humans

Our in-house team of writers and illustrators dream up and produce every single one of our stories – from that first bean of an idea to the final book. They pour love, sweat, and gallons of high-end coffee into every page.


Rated %{rating} out of 5

We Love Mommy-o-Saurus FAQs

It’s the kind of book that appeals to the full spectrum of under 6s. The vibrant illustrations will engage your toddlers, and the read-aloud rhymes will help older ones expand their vocabulary. We’ve yet to meet a child who didn’t have a dino phase, so its appeal will likely last and last.

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