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Where Are You? The Journey Through Time

Spot yourself in a time-travelling adventure


An evil time-travelling pigeon is trying to take over the world... and only YOU can stop him! Send a child back in time to spot themselves – and make history – in our new personalised search-and-find adventure, the second in the Where Are You collection.

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Recommended for ages 4+
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“My youngest loved receiving Where Are You? as a gift! This sequel is equally fun but also more educational” - Clare

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Girl holding Where Are You...? The Journey Through Time

"I always loved the Where's Wally books as a kid, but this takes it to another level where they're looking for themselves! Adding historical aspects is such a fantastic idea."

Loved by Darcey

Can they find themselves in 5 different worlds?

Can they find themselves in 5 different worlds?

Using a time machine, your child travels to prehistoric times, ancient Rome, the Renaissance, the Steam Age – and the future! Packed with juicy details and visual jokes galore.

Selection of children's characters

Show a child they have the power to make history

They’re not just spotting themselves – oh no! A child is given a very important mission to find the evil pigeon and save the world (of course), in return for this rather glorious personalised badge.

Child with all three books in the collection

Collect the whole kit and caboodle!

Discover oodles more in the world's bestselling personalised search-and-find books. Save 20% when you buy 2 or more books in the series, and feed your child's endless curiosity.


Perfectly partnered with Book 1 of the collection

Our bestselling search-and-find adventure
Where Are You?
From ₹2,799.00

When a parallel universe portal arrives at your child’s door, they journey across six alternative universes to spot different versions of themselves – along with oodles more fun challenges!

  • Age 4-10
  • 6 universes (and future jobs!) to explore
  • Personalised cover, character and story details


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