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Welcome To The World

A reassuring boost for new parents


Welcome, little one! The whole world awaits for you to explore. Celebrate a new arrival with this funny and warm-hearted personalised book, and reassure new parents just how great they're going to be.


"A wonderful personalised gift for a newborn and the parents!" – Mary

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"I love it! It's so cute that it's personalised for the parents. Such a nice keepsake for a new baby."

Suzie, proud godmother

Friends gifting a copy of Welcome To Our World

The perfect personalised gift for parents-to-be

Onesies are dime-a-dozen. But this personalised book is as unique as the new family you’re making it for. A thoroughly thoughtful babyshower, newborn or christening gift, that will be treasured for many happy years to come.

Selection of different combinations of names within Welcome To Our World

Made for families of all shapes and sizes

A new arrival is always something to be celebrated in a family. Any family! We’ve designed the book so it’s as inclusive as can be. Single parents, same-sex parents, and adoptive parents too. Everyone is welcome in our world.


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