What happens when you apply children’s imaginations to real world news?

We decided to find out, by helping 4-7 year-old kids make and distribute their own newspaper about some of the biggest events of 2015:

‘The Amazing Fantastic Year in Review’ covers Trump’s presidential campaign, the mission to Pluto, the birth of Princess Charlotte and the launch of Apple Watch. It was made with the help of dozens of young children from across the world who were happy to share their hilarious and often poignant ideas...

We’re sending a copy of the newspaper to anyone that shares the above video on social (just message us and we’ll pop one in the post!)

At Lost My Name, we think every child is special. They inspire us and we should all try to inspire them.

When we’re not helping children to make newspapers, we’re making personalised story books that put every child at the heart of their own adventure.

So now it’s easier than ever to make a child in your life feel...