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Lorraine Cabutihan

Magnificent book, excellent service 😊👍🏻

"The Little Boy Who Lost His Name." We really love it!! It was a surprise gift for my son's 8th birthday. When it arrived, my son opened it and I started reading it to him. When we reached the 3rd letter, he started screaming, saying "Oooooh!!!" smiling broadly "I think I know it Mama! It's Koji. It's my name!!" He was really amazed. He loves it. Thank you Wonderbly team for creating such a wonderful book and also for the accommodating and kind support team who attended my inquiries promptly.

Pooja Deshpande Shetye


This is the best book I've ever purchased! Nothing compares and my son will treasure it for a lifetime. The customer service is also exceptional. Thanks and will be coming back for more.


The BEST customer service I EVER received bar none!!!!

Unfortunately my order got caught up in the mail somewhere and never reached my niece. Wonderbly responded to my e-mail within an hour and could not have been nicer and more understanding about the situation. We went through the details and my new book is being printed as I type.
I really wish more companies where this good with their customer service and I will definitely be recommending this company to all my family and friends!!!



My 6 year old daughter is autistic so has problems with her understanding of language. I bought her the book 'The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name' for Christmas, she was so enthralled she stopped opening her presents and sat with her book for about half an hour - a huge achievement for her.
She understood the story which is beautifully written and loved explaining the pictures to me which she found to be fantastically drawn and full of interesting images to engage with . I have since recommended this book to mothers at my daughters school.
We still read her book often. I cannot thank you enough for her book, words are not enough to express the joy I have sharing part of her world with her and seeing the sparkle in her eyes as she reads to me.


Love these books!

I was given a Lost My Name book as a baby shower gift and immediately fell in love. Since getting my son's book less than a year ago, I've given several to friends and family for baby shower gifts and birthday gifts. Boy or girl, newborn to toddler, all of the parents and young children love their book! I've also referred the book to multiple friends, and received the ""The Amazing Alphabet"" as a free thank you, which is absolutely adorable!
These books will continue to be my go-to children's gift until I run out of kids to give one too, and by then all my friends' children should be old enough for me to start giving them the "The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home" book, haha!

Paul Thackray


Book arrived so quickly very impressed. I was like a child reading the book which was purchased for my granddaughters forthcoming birthday (and I am 64!!!!!). Such a lovely idea and I cannot wait to see her little face when she recognises the letters to her name. Can recommend this company for quality of book with fast despatch.
A brilliant idea. Keep up the good work. x x x