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On your marks, set, chop!

Kon’Nichiwa and welcome to JAPAN! Our dear Squid is going to show you how to make a sports-inspired bento box with a small child in your life. How marvellous and just in time for this year’s Squidball tournament.


(Don’t worry, there’s no actual squid in this recipe – that would make our Squid very sad). Your finished bento box (delicious, stunning packed lunch) will feature a sports field and charming little squid players that you’ll make with a clever cooking trick. You know what, let’s just start, it’s all too exciting.

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You will need:

  • A handful of kale
  • A few radishes and/or cherry tomatoes
  • A portion of rice (colored blue)
  • A couple of biscuits (we used All Butter)
  • A slice of cheddar (sliced)
  • A rainbow Belt Candy
  • A Frankfurt Sausages (pork/turkey)
  • A tupperware box

Round 1: Sausage Squids

Step 1

Step 1

Cut the hot dogs into 3 equal parts. To make the legs, cut each one lengthways from one end, but stop half way. Turn the sausage and repeat, until you’ve made 8 little legs. You can also carve a little happy face 🙂

Step 2

Step 2

Put the frying pan on medium heat with a splash of oil and in go your squids. This is the clever part… POP! The legs curl out.

Round 2: Kale Crisps

Step 1

Step 1

Wash and cut the kale into small mouthfuls and throw them in the salad spinner. Scatter the leaves in an oven dish and rub them with olive oil and salt.

Step 2

Step 2

Bake in the oven at 200°c for about 10 minutes to make kale crisps. This is going to line your sports field.

Round 3: Make your Bento!

YOKU DEKIMASHITA (Well done), you did it! You’ve done a splendid job and this packed lunch will be the envy of any team dressing room.

Print this recipe
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