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Once upon a time...

You might have heard of it. You might not have. But The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name has rocketed to global fame, becoming one of the best-selling picture books in the world.

Parents and children from all over the world have fallen in love with it, but why? What makes this book so heart-explodingly special?

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1. A book can be made for even the most unique names

a page in lost my name book with the boys name elijah

Know a kid with a name you can’t find in shops? Well, letters are the building blocks of this book, so not only does it work for any child’s name, their name actually shapes the story. The team even decided to give short names extra bits of story, so Tom won’t be short-changed compared to his sister Christabelle.

2. There are over 50 character stories to choose from

Choosing characters in the lost my name book

For each letter of the child’s name, you can handpick a fantabulous character to pass on a particular moral you’d like your little one to learn. Like, bravery, generosity, acceptance and so on. So there’s a real sense of authorship when making your book. Elephant, Elk or Eagle… choices, choices.

3. It turns anyone (yes, even you) into a master storyteller

Mother and daughter reading a lost my name book

The way the book is put together makes it a cinch for adults to create a magical experience for a child they care about (yes, even those who haven’t written a story since school). This creative connection sparks a closeness that jelly beans just can’t buy. And let’s be honest, we all have a creative spark inside us.

4. It helps any child to discover their identity

Instagram image of children reading books

Each letter of the child’s name makes up its own story segment, taking the young reader on a quest of self-discovery. They don’t just find their name. It gets them thinking about who they are – what makes them… them.

5. Over 2.7 million people worldwide have fallen in love with it

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6. Every creator can add their own personal message

a page from the lost my name book

A dedication page may sound simple enough, but here it’s a wonderful opportunity to add a nugget of personal wisdom to support the central message of the book. To write an utterly original passage about the adventures you hope the child will go on to find out who they are.

See the book

7. It’s so clever, it feels like magic

a cartoon strip of a girl and her father

8. It will live with the child for a lifetime

a baby lies next to a lost my name book

Because the story is based on their name, every child and their parents will treasure it. Its uniqueness means it can’t be passed down to a sibling. And it’s often bought as a gift to mark a special moment in the child’s life. So this is no novelty item – it’s a piece of the child’s upbringing.


9. It creates a heart-popping moment of discovery: “It’s about me!”

a boy holds up the lost my name book on a page with his name, lucas

That WHAM! instant the child twigs that they were the main character the whole time… it’s priceless! One of those moments to look back on with tingly fondness, happily ever after.

Every name tells a different story

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