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A sweet and simple Easter fancy dress idea

The chocolate has been safely hidden. The baskets have been rummaged out from the back-of-the-cupboard. The only thing left to do is find a festive Easter outfit for the egg hunt! Luckily it takes just 20 minutes* and a bit of card to make these super bunny ears for the whole family.

*Child permitting…!

You’ll need:

Paper template (download and print above)
Cardboard (you can always reuse Easter egg boxes)
Paint & paintbrush

Step-by-step Easter Bunny ears

Bunny Ears equipment


Ok crafty bunnies! Here we go. Print out the PDF template and gather everything you need.


Cut out the paper template (reminding little hands to be hareful with those scissors). Draw around the ears onto the card and cut them out. Cut out a strip of card for the headband – long enough to fit around your child’s head.


Paint onto the ears with a lovely Easter-y paint colour. We’ve used pink, but baby blue, light green or yellow are all as delightful.


Stick the ears onto the middle of the headband.


Wrap the headband around your little bunny’s head and secure with tape. Voila! Get outside and get hopping.

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