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I Love You This Much - Grandpa Edition

199.00 kr.

Personalized book for grandpa

"Dear Grandpa, there’s someone who wants you to know: they love you – hugely, enormously so!" Show a grandpa how much he’s loved with a beautiful personalized story from his grandchild.
Recommended for ages 0-3
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Delivered to grandpa's door
Heartwarming keepsake
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Rated 5 out of 5
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Make grandpa’s book! Start by adding the name of his grandchild.

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"It's so beautifully written. I was in tears, and so was grandpa. I hadn't thought in the slightest that it would be so perfectly tailored to him. We love it."

Loved by Imke

Personalization in You Love Grandpa This Much

How is the book personalized?

First, add your child’s name and choose their character. Then personalize it with grandpa’s name – whether he’s a Grandad, a Gramps, a Pop, or something unique! Now watch as we magically weave both names into the story, on the front cover, and in beautiful watercolor illustrations inside.

Illustrations in You Love Grandpa This Much

What’s the story?

The story follows a day in the life of a child and their grandpa. During their adventures, grandpa is told just how much his grandchild loves him. More than all the toys in the toybox? Oh yes. Than all the shells on the shore? Of course. Than all the worlds in the universe? Easily!

Perfect gift

The perfect gift to help grandpa feel closer

We can deliver direct to grandpa’s door, to let him know how much you’re thinking of him right now. It’s an extra-special keepsake that’ll make him beam with love when he sees it, and a timeless story he can read with his grandchild for years to come.

Dimensions in You Love Grandpa This Much

Quality and size

The square format (9 x 9 inches) and thick, high-quality paper makes this perfect for reading together with little ones. Choose from softcover, or super-sturdy hardcover for something a bit special.

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