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Out of this world ✨

According to scientists (okay, us) The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home might just be the most state-of-the-art story in the entire galaxy. And the one next to it.

So prepare to get geeky – we’re talking test tubes and lab coats – and sneak behind the scenes for a peek at the cosmic crafting that goes into making your little one feel over the moon.

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1. Your little astronaut gets their very own personalized spaceship


Wherever your little astronaut is from, our big-brained computer puts their country’s flag on the wing of their spaceship – from start to finish.

2. Their name becomes a sparkling star constellation


That’s right, your child’s name will quite literally be written in the stars (no telescope required).

3. Your kid is the (ahem) star of the story


4. They’ll whizz by landmarks that are local to them


There are an astronomical 190 landmarks in total! Young Parisians whoosh past the Eiffel Tower, little Londoners see Big Ben, Mini Aussies fly by the Opera House, and so on around the world.

5. They land at their actual front door

satallite_light 2

The right number, on the right street, in the right town. When you type in an address, it sends a signal to one of our photography pigeons who sends a photo straight into the book. See your little one’s face light up when they realise the adventure’s led them to their most favorite place of all.

Create their very own intergalactic adventure

Now you can put a little one you love at the heart of the planet’s most exciting space story. One small click for you, one giant treat for a child. 3…2…1…



The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

The only picture book in the galaxy that features your child’s actual home (available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia).

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