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The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

$24.99 USD

Add a child’s name and home, and POW! A unique adventure, from outer space all the way home to their front door.

"These books are honestly the best- their name is in the stars, you plug in your address and it maps your street and your kid will be able to see their house! Such an awesome idea and worth the price to see their reactions. Best gift we’ve given." - Michele Raymer

Start by entering a name

Choose the adventurer in your book
The Journey Home - Product Description of a bird eye view of the child's house

The only book with a child’s REAL home in it

Enter the full address and we’ll pull in a real, actual satellite image of the child’s house, using mind-boggling technology.

The Journey Home - Product Description of Henry's name printed in the galaxy with stars

See their name made from stars

We take the child’s name and turn it into a beautiful constellation, making them the stars of the show.

The Journey Home - Product Description of the personalised dedication from mum and dad

Add a delightful dedication

Launch them on their adventure with a customized dedication, printed at the beginning of the story, for free.

The Journey Home - Product Description of the hero characters standing on the book

Turn them into the hero of the story

Choose from three different intrepid explorers, to match the child the book is for.

The Journey Home - Product Specification about the sizing of the book

Designed for sharing

Each book is A4 (29.7cm ✕ 21cm) landscape, 38 pages long, and opens out to large spreads perfect for shared reading (but still fits through a letterbox!)



Lisa Cervellera Heys

Beyond expectations

We received our Lost my Name books today and were very impressed with the quality of the books, beautiful illustrations, and stand out colors. We bought 5 books (4 Lost my name) and 1 (Intergalactic Journey Home). My kids were so excited reading the journey home and seeing the spaceship right above our house that they really thought the little boy was landing there and asked where he was! I also thought it was pretty cool seeing our neighborhood in the book, and that seeing the city of Detroit was an awesome touch as well. We can’t wait to read the rest of our journeys. Thank you for making such memorable keepsakes and adventures for our children.

Heather McCombe


Absolutely cannot recommend this company highly enough, the lost my name book, noisy snap cards and now the space book all loved and adored by my little grandson. The stories, interaction, colours and characters and personalisation simply the best. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up next.

Amanda Heath


I first bought The Boy Who Lost His Name, for my son as a gift for Ramadan...He loved the book so much. He was so excited to see the personal dedication, and when he realized the boy was him he was amazed that there was a book about him in existence!
He loved it so much that I bought the next book in the series The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.
He really loves every thing about space and science that I knew he would love it! When he realized that the home was his and he saw the picture of our street he was so excited! He loves the Illustrations and, that the words are easy for him to read. These books made him feel really special, and that he was the only one with a book like that! I’m excited for the next book they offer!
I highly recommend this company And these books. If you want something truly unique For your child, That they will cherish For years to come Order these books!

Susan Downey


I purchased both Lost Name and Outer Space Journey for my grandson. While he’s not even a month old I love getting books for him as a starting point for his parents to read to him. These books are not only well made, I love the fact that his name is incorporated into the story. The graphics are wonderful and the stories are imaginative. Every child should learn to enjoy books and getting them started early is a wonderful way to do it.

Lisa Jurick

why Children get Lost in Wonderbly

While reading "Wonderbly" children cannot help but become instantly involved when they see their name. Infants that are read and RE read this story over and over become attached to an adventure and objects and journeys from a young age and learn the art of story telling. The children are able to focus and recognize themselves throughout the book and by realizing they will seem themselves, it allows them to continually focus and anticipate each page.... Each story. What a wonderful way to learn to read.