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These five personalised newborn gifts will make your heart melt

Nine months is all it takes for bump to become a baby. But WHAT a nine months. Whether you’re celebrating the magic of bringing your own little pickle into the world or buying a gift for someone else, these keepsakes are the perfect personalised presents. And instead of months, they only take minutes for you to make! Doddle.

1. A Letter for the Littlest Bear


Families are a bit like the wonky vegetable section at the supermarket. They come in all sorts of lovely shapes and sizes. In this cute little tale, introduce a newborn to each member of their family – one furry bear at a time.

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2. The Birthday Thief


What better way to celebrate the big arrival than a book ALL about a newborn’s date of birth? Simply enter the day, month and year that baby was born… and watch the story magically come alive. One to be enjoyed for many, many birthdays to come.

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3. The Wondrous Road Ahead


A wonderful story of courage, bravery and love. Choose three strengths you’d like a new child to carry with them as they embark on the great big adventure of life. A reminder that wherever they go, they’ll always be loved.

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4. My Little Monster Name


All little monsters are lovably different! A cheeky and charming personalised book that introduces a baby to the letters of their name, one by one. A great way to learn together at bedtime, playtime or anytime.

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5. The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name


Our original best-selling personalised children’s book – with a story as unique as their name. Just enter baby’s name, and see what curious creatures they will meet on their adventure! Plus it comes in an optional hardcover format perfect for little fingers.

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Birthday Thief - Generic

A book made for their big day

Create a stupendously personalised story that changes based on a child’s birth date.


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